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An Appeal On Behalf Of The Sicangu Lakota People

An Appeal From Elva Thompson on Behalf of The Sicangu Lakota People on The Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota

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Elva Thompson of White River, South Dakota runs a trading post, and has been helping as many people as she can over the years. This area, and The Plains Reservations in general, are among the poorest places in the United States. Elva has previously told us of 4 people that she knew of who have frozen to death during past winters.

An Appeal On Behalf Of The Sicangu Lakota People

The economic situation, which is still fragile in many parts of the United States, is particularly dire among The Sicangu Lakota People on The Rosebud Reservation. Continued cut backs of US government support mean that such sources are not available for help.

Native Americans are the forgotten people in the land of the affluent, and Christmas with all its demands makes life even more difficult for the elderly and native families. Life is hard in the third world called reservations, and deprivation is everywhere. Many people are homeless, sleeping rough at the back of grocery stores and rummaging through the trash for food. Many have to walk miles to the grocery store and bank because they can’t afford a car.

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We have made a previous appeals to C.A.C. members on behalf of Elva Thompson for The Rosebud Reservation. The response has resulted in donations that have helped keep people warm and put food on their tables during the rest of previous winters. Now Christmas is around the corner, and Elva is asking us to help them again this year.

Reservation life is hard, especially so in the winter months. Many families have no income and rely on food stamps and government welfare for the necessities of life. Many are lucky to get help with fuel and with the temperatures now dropping to sub-zero, many will go to bed cold and hungry. There are more homeless people on the streets than ever before and food stamps have been cut under this administration.

Please Send Checks Or Money Orders Addressed To:

Elva Thompson | PO Box 253 | White River SD 57579
Business Phone 605-856-4125 | Email

The money sent directly to Elva goes for propane and electricity.
Credit Card Donations Can Be Made By Calling
Buche Foods In Mission, South Dakota:

Business Phone 605-856-4418 | Ask For Mike Husman, The Manager | Tell Him That You Wish To Make A Contribution To:   ‘The White Horse Christmas Fund’

An Appeal On Behalf Of The Sicangu Lakota People

The money collected in the ‘White Horse Christmas Fund’ is divided up into $200 increments at the winter solstice and gift cards are distributed to needy families to buy items such as shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap or detergent that can not be bought with Food Stamps.

These donations won’t be tax deductible as we are not going though conventional means here, but your contributions will go completely and directly to people who need them and only for items that they need related to food and heating. Thank You.

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