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Attention Hard Copy Subscribers

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Attention Hard Copy Subscribers

July had some issues for CAC. We got notice from quite a few people In The Eastern United States that they did not get their July 2015 CAC mailing at all, or that it came in very late. The bulk mailing was put into the system on July 1st, and with the July 4th Holiday, there can be some delay.

The way bulk mailings work is that any and every post office they enter can set them aside for up to 3 days before handling them. That factor is always there, so our theory for the bigger delay in July was a mail truck being in an accident, or something along that line. Apparently part of the mailing going to The Eastern United States got ‘eaten by the postal system’ somewhere en route.

In any case, if you still have not received your July mailing from us, Please Contact VikkiT and she will resend it.

In house, there was a computer glitch, too, so dues payments we entered in July for hard copy subscribers did not get entered all the way into the system.

If you paid in July, and are still getting dues due notices AFTER the August mailing, Please Let VikkiT know.

We are in the process of double checking all the July data, so with any luck we will have everything properly registered for the September mailing labels.

Thank You For Your Patience!