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A Christmas Message From Cosmic Awareness

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Piscean Age Of Crystal Consciousness

This Awareness indicates that action which occurred in that town of Bethlehem some 2000 years ago as that which is related unto the paradox; as that which ushered into the Piscean Age the Crystal Consciousness, being ushered in a form which would be palatable to entities during this era. This Awareness indicates that in each age there is a messiah who does personify the qualities and nature of that age; that these messiahs are often the creation of those around as much as of that force which is within. This Awareness indicates the messiah of any age as resulting from the needs of the entities of that age and in that flux of consciousness related to and associated with that age.

Piscean Age Of Crystal Consciousness
Piscean Age Of Crystal Consciousness

This Awareness suggests that the action of the paradox, wherein the microcosmic image reflects the macrocosm, that this is the nature of that action which occurred on this plane some 2000 years ago. This Awareness indicates that this also had steps between wherein the physical microcosmic creation of that birth of Christ, the Child, as also a representation of the Christ Consciousness, the purity, the clarity, which was being emanated and brought about through certain rites, rituals, teachings and associations in relationship, which resulted from the actions and was involved in the actions of the Essenes. (This Awareness wishes you to understand the word ‘Essene’ as related to the word “Essence,” and also related unto the word “séance.”) This Awareness indicates that actions of that time by those Essenes did help to manifest that consciousness whereby the Crystal Consciousness of the Christ could emanate Itself through the child known as Jesus. This Awareness indicates that this was done also in Java with the Buddha.

Piscean Age Of Crystal Consciousness

In this present time, there is the possibility and the opportunity for entities to bring about those children of high levels of awareness by allowing these children the environment, the space, the vibratory situations, the faith and the proper social situations whereby the Christ Consciousness may manifest and develop without being driven out by excessive distortions, perversions and frustrations.

This Awareness suggests in the coming years there shall be many, many children who shall be likened unto the Holy Child. That the movement in this direction begins within the individual, wherein the child within, the Holy Being within each and every one of you which needs its nourishment and needs certain attention, does begin to grow and manifest and give you Its blessing; and does begin to bring your life into order whereby you, yourself, may emanate the Christ Consciousness from within.

Piscean Age Of Crystal Consciousness

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Crystal Children

This Awareness indicates that Christmas begins at home within your own psyche, your own awareness, and does move outward to manifest its radiance into the world about.

This Awareness indicates that the Spirit of Christmas expresses the Law of Love, and the Law of Gratitude expresses the action of generosity and affection, and allows entities to cast their bread upon the waters without knowing where, how, whence, or if it shall return to them. This is the only true gift.

The Spirit of Christmas allows wise entities that opportunity to present their presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ Consciousness within each other.

The Spirit of Christmas allows each entity the opportunity to graciously receive such gifts from others, even as the Christ Child, (before his recognition as the Christ by the masses), received those gifts from the wisemen who recognized the Christ that lived behind the unlikely situation of the lowly stable, the manger, the camel and sheep and the tiny babe in arms.

The Spirit of Christmas recognizes the Christ Child growing behind each and every unlikely scene and every unlikely face and situation, and those who are wish will bring gifts of devotion to nurture and encourage the growth and development of that Christ Child within each face, each scene, and each situation.

Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh

The Spirit of Christmas is a dedication and devotion in mass to the Christ within yourself and others.

This Awareness suggests you keep this Holiday sacred and Holy and that you keep yourself sacred and Holy and that you make each day a Holy day.

The Law Of Gratitude

This Awareness indicates The Law of Gratitude is that sense of satisfaction where energy which has been given receives a certain reward. Energy that is given moves out on that curved and unequal line and when extended far enough can only return to its source bearing gifts.

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