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This is an important video to get out to everyone you know who might be even remotely open to the information that it contains, because it is laid out simply in a power packed presentation. This guy is a truly great speaker who provides a clear and detailed, but also captivating introduction for people you know who are now just beginning to wake up to what is really going on.

We are all conditioned not to see the different parts of the system as connected and working towards the same goal. We are all conditioned to be polarized between different sides and different extremes, but those sides are secretly working together to crush us in the middle. This video provides a detailed history on the current political and cultural divide of America and how it was implemented.

This is a Wonderful Explanation of the history of the Illuminati Bloodlines and how that history relates to what is going on right now. It is easy to follow, entertaining and interesting.

There are many documentaries on YouTube and elsewhere where all of this information is scattered. But this one brings it all together into one outstanding video with an amazing history lesson that most people are not fully aware of. It really helps to fill in the blanks in understanding all of the nonsense we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

If you are already aware of the grand treason being perpetrated against humanity, you will enjoy the flow and reaffirmation of this information. If you are new to this information, you will find this video captivating and easy to understand.

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