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Could You Be Fired For Refusing A ‘Mandatory’ Flu Shot?

Cosmic Awareness Single Question Reading – September 15, 2016

Michelle, Interpreter, From Subscriber’s Personal Reading & With Posted Permission


Well, flu season is quickly approaching and this year, my employer says it’s mandatory to get a flu shot. In past years, employees could refuse. This year, they are saying the only way to get an exemption is a medical exemption or a religious exemption. I don’t have any medical exemption, and since my employer is a hospital/clinic, I can’t use that direction.

Have any other members expressed this concern, and if so, is there a solution? I was thinking if I had to get a shot, there might be a meditation or perhaps a Healing that could be done. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

Could You Be Fired For Refusing A ‘Mandatory’ Flu Shot?

This Awareness indicates the interpreter has been directed to forms that may be of assistance in removing yourself and any other employees from this situation. The forms suggested require the employer, specifically the entity responsible for making the flu shot mandatory, to Sign A Document Of Acceptance Of Responsibility. This places all medical and financial hardship encountered as a result of sustaining injury from receiving this shot upon that entity for requiring you to get the shot against your better judgment. There are multiple credible sources with published documents stating medical staff receiving the flu shot has proven ineffective.

Could You Be Fired For Refusing A ‘Mandatory’ Flu Shot?

This Awareness indicates there are no methods to counteract the ingredients of the flu shot, nor of other vaccines. However, it is possible to raise one’s vibrations to a such a degree that one is able to transform these structures of these ingredients into anti-oxidants, or other structures that assist rather than hinder the body. This Awareness observes this level of inner work is beyond the skill level of many entities at this time. The act of invoking the Law of Forgiveness and the Law of Love will assist one in creating a field capable of bringing these toxins to a neutral state. This process also requires a practiced still mind, open heart, and to have many layers of self-harming structures previously resolved into self-love.

Could You Be Fired For Refusing A ‘Mandatory’ Flu Shot?
These Nurses Are Required To Wear Face Masks For Refusing The Flu Vaccine.
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