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The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light

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Robert Hanzel: The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light

This Announcement Will Be Updated Periodically! Anyone With Fond Recollections Of Robert, In Either Words Or Pictures, Who Would Like To Share Them On This Page, Please Send Them To, and we will work to get your contributions added here AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Thank You!

This year, we at CAC are very thankful for a 37 year-long association we have had with Robert Hanzel. Robert passed Oct 5th, 2015 from a heart attack, and all of us in the CAC family will miss him dearly.

This moment hopefully gives each of us an appreciation of how special and valuable each person in our life is. There is no guarantee we will see our best friend or loved one tomorrow. Each day is precious. Each day is a gift.

Robert’s voice was radio announcer smooth and soothing, and he had just finished recording the 144 Cosmic Awareness Development Lessons, which we are in the process of publishing and preparing for sale. In fact, we’d already started putting together the announcement of more CD’s to come out for the 2015 Holiday Season, and Robert was very excited about getting them out.

Recollections Of Robert:

Robert Hanzel: The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
  • “Robert was in first contact with us back in 1978, and he’s the only CAC member that has had so much activity that I had to use rubber bands around his file. He was on the ball, full of enthusiasm, used our Wheel of Destiny, and was very active in related fashions as well, including SPIRAL and working tirelessly for the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. As part of his ministry with them, he conducted Development Classes for many over the years.”
  • “There are two things I remember most about Robert, first of all, his ability to always put a positive spin on anything that came up, and it was usually worded based on the messages from Cosmic Awareness. Secondly and on the same topic, Robert had an unwavering devotion to spreading the work of Cosmic Awareness. I’m sure that when Robert passed and was asked that question, ‘How Many Have You Served And How Well’ he was not stuck for an answer!”
  • He definitely was one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever known on or off internet. I will certainly miss him, quite a friend.
  • “I did not know Robert for very long. We worked together for about a year and a half on the audio project and talked on the phone a few times. I’m very glad I got to meet him, and I’m sorry that our time working together was cut short, but I feel highly fortunate to have had such a wonderful opportunity.”
  • “Robert was such a rare true friend and human being. It was his tireless efforts that encouraged me to start up and publish the Osaka SPIRAL back in the 80s-2000, and I am sure he inspired countless good acts in many others too in many diverse ways. James, author of the WingMakers material has said that we can never be more than an inspiration to another, and that if we find such a person they are worth considering association with. Robert was such an inspiration in every way, to so many. He is going to be sadly missed and his loss will be noticed.

    A star has twinkled out in the Arizona skies. I have always had the fondest memories of meeting and staying with Robert in Tucson back around 1993. It was Robert who first brought my attention to Ron Paul back in the early 80s just after first making his acquaintance and while we were working on our respective SPIRAL newsletters. That led, back then, to my writing the now ex presidential candidate and receiving a written “Well done” reply to a flyer sent around as an excerpt from my SPIRAL Osaka, circa 1985.

    We have lost one of our truest friends; but as with the loss of all true human beings his light, work, goodness, friendship, love, compassion and healing energies will live on forever in the memory banks (as Billy Meier calls them) and All That Is (as the WingMakers refer to it). He will also live on within the frequency of love in the minds and hearts of all those blessed to have known him.

    His ‘Sovereign Integral Consciousness’ as the WingMakers call it, ‘Overall Consciousness Block’ as Meier calls it, and his Spirit will and do live on, and in time they will form a new personality and physical consciousness to incarnate on Earth at some future time and place. If I am lucky I will be able to befriend those beautiful frequencies, that he delivered to Earth and lived and expressed so well, once again. May I and we all be so lucky.

    The world is a better place for one so tall to have gracefully traversed among us. Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Robert. In eternal gratitude, Your long time and hopefully future friend.”   Chris Lock

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The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
  • “Dear CAC family, My heart weighs heavy with deep sadness that someone so near and dear to so many for so long has left us.

    I noticed right away that since Robert took one and a half years to finish his Greatest Work To Date, his velvety voice completing all 144 lessons on CD, based around each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, revealing to us, ‘Who, In Fact, We Really Are’ by way of instructions on how to become more than we knew we could ever be, as eternal souls encased in a physical body that have the ability to become anything we want in this life by cosmic design by way of Cosmic Awareness, that he slipped away right after the completion of one of the most important lessons ever given to mankind. That tells us his soul had a definite plan to leave, and Oct. 5th was his completion here.

    I have known Robert for decades now, and even did some work for him by transcribing tapes he sent to me of copies of Creston’s (Paul Shockley’s son-in-law) information, the very information that cost Ron Rummell (Creston) his life, the undercover historical work entitled “The Alien Digest” and later was put in Volume Three of The Universal Seduction by Angelico Tapestra… (see below for more…)

    Robert was the most humble human being I have ever known, a true Light Worker and I feel that upon his passing that he was met with a resounding thunder of applause for his last lifetime serving mankind on this planet. CAC has lost a great soul, a true family member and Freedom Fighter. He told me around the time of 12/21/12 that he was hoping he would be able to ascend to Planet A… I can almost visualize him greeting us when we go through our upcoming shift and him showing us all the work he did after his departure in preparation of his cosmic family in order to start our new beginnings on yet another planet…this one where we can finally live in peace.

    Yours in the Service (as Bob said for many years), Marie Templeton

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The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
  • “Robert was a true friend to all. He was always interested in people, warm, kind, and accepting. And a complete devotee of the Awareness readings and always looked at life through that lens.

    Robert was a beacon of light and leadership for CAC in Arizona. I loved attending his first series of Awareness classes back in the 1980s, and have many good memories of him and the other students. He always said that first class was the closest knit and the most fun – we always stayed after the class for potluck and lively discussions. He let me assist in the second series of classes when he started holding them in a New Age Christian Church near his home. I eventually moved on to a country life in north-central Arizona but always missed the magic and mystery that Robert brought into so many lives.

    I’ll miss him dearly. He was a lovely person and we had been in constant contact for 30 years. I regret that I have no pictures of Robert, except many vivid ones in my mind. But I do have many, many tapes and CDs of his wonderful soothing voice leading Awareness meditations, and I’ll treasure those always.

    The suffering of impermanence… I’m certain he’s out there somewhere having the time of his life, exploring the other worlds and universes, getting ready to make a difference on the other side…” Kate Robinson

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  • “We had written off and on when our thought processes aligned I suppose. I was new at Rumormillnews when [Robert] first emailed me and he said. ‘Your information is amazing and in fact you might want to spoon feed it to the readers, because too much too fast just blows their minds and they walk away.’ It was some of the best advice I have received and now I find myself floating back and forth between earlier and later ideas as to bring more people to understanding rather than leaving others behind.

    I know he replied to one of my posts recently with more information or just backup in position. I will go find it and bring it forward for this page… I feel Blessed to know him and until we meet again 🙂 My heart goes out to his family and other friends.

    Many Blessings & Much Love,” CrystalRiver/Rumor Mill News
    GO HERE TO READ Robert’s Final Post

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The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light

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