Meet Michelle, CAC’s Current Interpreter For Cosmic Awareness

Michelle: Cosmic Awareness Speaks With A New Voice
It is my personal opinion and worldview that we, as a race, are moving through a unified process of raising our vibration. In doing so we are beginning to incarnate more and more of our soul into our 3rd dimensional forms. Tesla studied electricity. Einstein studied relativity and the time/space continuum. I study the soul and its multi-layered and dimensional functions. I am an esoteric scientist at heart.
I am honored to be an interpreter for Cosmic Awareness. It is a privilege and something I daydreamed about as a kid reading the CAC newsletter. I was an unusual kid I suppose, when at age seven, my Mom explained how I needed to start working on myself because of all the squares in my astrological chart. I took her advice very seriously and since I had issues with how the Bible treated women, I turned instead to CAC (my parents are still members) for guidance and lessons to assist me in my “work”.

This perhaps, is the best time-frame for when my journey as a spiritualist began. It has been a fantastic, painful, joyous, humorous, terrifying, and at times, lonely path. My life has taken me down many roads, one of the constants has been a deep sense of connection to Cosmic Awareness. My appreciation and respect for CAC for maintaining a high caliber/non-dogmatic organization over all these years, goes beyond what words can comprehend.

It is my humble belief that when new thoughts, or paradigms, are ready to be received by humanity they are first introduced through the periphery of consciousness. I see this as a subtle process and one that CAC fulfills for humanity. I thank the CAC membership as well for their loyalty, consistent spiritual work, and the open-mindedness to receive the “new” as it filters down into the general consciousness of humanity.

A Little About Me

I am driven in life by my deep seated desire to be of service to humanity and to bring my own awareness and understanding of how the soul functions and manifests/incarnates into human form. The fundamental principle I base my work on is simple — whatever exists in the microcosm, if truly “real”, will also exist in the macrocosm. I test out all of my theories in observing Nature, the realm of fractals and sacred geometries.
I do not follow any specific religion, though I do believe in Angels, fairies, elementals, and the continued presence, in Spirit Form, of the many prophets, saints and wisdom carriers that have walked the Earth. I do maintain a deep respect for any religion that inspires faith, hope, grace and compassion within its followers. On the flip-side of this same coin; I find dogmatic thinking prevents an individual from having a personal relationship with the Divine, and in my humble opinion is the only way to pursue deeper Truths.
My Research And Studies Have Taught Me Several Basics That I’ve Applied To Every Inch Of My Life.
  • Everything Is Energy In Motion.
  • All Energy Has The Ability To Shift In Frequency, Vibration, And Thus Form.
  • Everything Has A Cycle And Is Mostly Space Teeming With Universal Life Force Energy.

These truths lead me to state without hesitation that under certain conditions within the human form all dis-ease, issues of reality, and Darkness can be unraveled and rewoven to reflect Truth, wholeness, and a deep connection and alignment with Universal Life Force Energy (Divine Love, Light, and Life).

That’s me in a nutshell.

“That is reality, this is reality; from the reality, the reality becomes manifest; adding or subtracting reality from reality, only reality remains”   ~Mantra From Upanishad